We are property owners – like you! Here’s our story

In August of 2014, a condo I co-own (with my brother in law) in Edmonton became available for rent. I live in Calgary and although my brother-in-law lives in Edmonton, he’s a busy professional who doesn’t have time or patience for placing ads, screening phone calls and doing condo showings for prospective tenants. I have quite a bit of experience renting properties and although I enjoy the process, I couldn’t take a few weeks off to park in Edmonton until the condo rented.

So…we researched property management companies, called several of them, and chose the one that seemed to offer the best and most professional service. We paid all the set up fees and felt happy and confident to have them rent and manage our condo.

After a month, I called/emailed to ask how many showings they had done and where they were placing the ads. The advertising manager told me he placed the ads on their property management website and one other internet website but he couldn’t remember which one and had no idea if they had done any showings.  He told me to get in contact with their receptionist who fielded the calls, she might know.

She emailed me asking the address of our condo and then I never heard back from her. So I emailed the property director who told me they don’t keep track of how many viewings their ads receive, phone calls or track viewings, but she would do that for me since I had requested it.

Another month passed – my brother-in-law and I absorbed the mortgage again, and I never did receive any news of phone calls or showings. I called again and was told she couldn’t understand why my condo hadn’t rented but assured me it would.

A third month passed, we paid the mortgage again, and I fired the management  “service” and ended my contract. They didn’t seem to care (which seemed pretty typical of my experiences with their staff once I had signed on as a client).

I researched property management companies, checked the reviews, and asked friends if they had a property manager they’d recommend. Most sounded like repeats (or worse) of my experiences.

I thought there had to be someone like me, in Edmonton who had done this type of thing before, who we could hire to find us a great tenant – and I found her.

I have a friend in Edmonton who offsets her mortgages by renting suites in her houses. She has the same approach to securing good tenants that I have in my properties, so I asked her for help in finding renters.  Two weeks after she was hired, our new great tenant signed a one year lease.

This is what gave me the idea to offer this service – I’ve been finding tenants for my own properties in Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Calgary for a total of 10 years, and through trial and error, figured out a system to advertise, screen tenants, show properties, run credit checks.   The average time it takes me to rent my properties is 2 weeks (my properties are all nice places, and are in places with lots of renters – that’s also critical).

I know first hand the most important part of renting a property is finding a great tenant who respects my property, pays on time every month and stays long term.  A great tenant will keep my property profitable and a bad tenant is an emotional and financial nightmare we can all can do without!

When I thought about why I’m able  to rent my properties faster than the property management company, I came up with a few critical reasons;

  1. I care about who lives in my properties
  2. I manage what I can handle – and am able to give the properties daily attention
  3. (The biggest reason) For every month the properties don’t rent – I HAVE TO PAY THE MORTGAGE!

This is why I know we can do a great job for you

Let us take your biggest  headache off your plate