What do you know about renting properties?
CDC’s principals have been renting properties for 10 years.  It’s been a learning experience.  At the start, we knew little about marketing properties, or vetting tenants.  We combined hard knocks learning with professional training to build marketing strategies and vetting protocols which reduced vacancy times and increased the reliability of our tenants.

CDC provides a full suite of services.  If you want to manage your real estate investment yourself, we can give support in finding you excellent tenants, in which case CDC charges a one-time fee, which is collected when the property is rented.  We can manage your property for you as traditional property managers.  We are licensed with Reca and brokered with Maxwell South Star Realty.  We also provide instruction and mentorship if you are looking to learn some of the fundamentals of real estate investing.  Please join our facebook group “The Landlord Knowledge Network” to learn tips and tricks, as well as a lot of the legal aspects of renting your property.

As property owners ourselves, we well understand that for each month your property goes unrented, you lose 100% of the revenue.   So no matter what service you ask us to do, we will work hard to minimize vacancy and get turn the property into a good investment.


Will you keep me informed about what’s going on?
We keep records of everything we do with your property, including phone calls and showings.  We will email you with a summary of all activity on a weekly basis, plus provide feedback and recommendations.  If you need unscheduled updates, you can always contact us.

What if my question isn’t answered on this page?
Call us!  We are good to talk to, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions for you.