Clean Car, Clean Tenants

A Simple Method for Finding Clean, Tidy, Tenants


Nelda Schulte

From my 10 + years as a landlord, I’ve discovered most potential tenants will tell you they are “clean” people.

I’ve also learned that “cleanliness” has a vast spectrum of definitions, all very subjective. Few that match my standards.

Although expecting cleanliness from tenants may sound picky, if a standard is not set and adhered to from the start of the landlord/tenant relationship, there is little chance of habits changing after a lease is signed.

Lack of cleanliness can lead to disastrous ramifications; endless repairs, ongoing costs, and upset neighbors to name a few.

But, short of paying a surprise visit to your future tenant’s current home, what can you use as a measure to gauge their level of tidiness?

While attending a Real Estate Investment Forum hosted by Azad Chandler and Tim Desautels of Remax iRealty Innovations they shared a brilliantly simple tip for assessing just that.

People view their cars as an extension of their homes, and car cleanliness is a pretty accurate indicator you can use to your advantage.

Simply show up a couple minutes late for your potential tenant’s scheduled viewing time. Is their car clean and tidy or does it look like it belongs on an episode of hoarders? Within a couple minutes, you’ll have your evidence and your answer.


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