About Us

About Us

Nelda Schulte and Gilbert Donkersgoed

Sadly, there was no Calgary Dwelling Consultants when we first started investing in real estate. We really didn’t know what we were doing, so we learned the old fashioned way. By making mistakes.

We like to quote Don Campbell, of REIN Canada, who says on his blog  “Make your investing boring, so the rest of your life can be exciting. ”  (Here is the entire article, it’s a good read)

For us, it wasn’t boring as we made all of the mistakes that we hope to save you from. There are so many places you can go wrong – inadequate tenant screening, making decisions based on emotion while ignoring cold, hard facts,  not properly completing paperwork. And so many more. We like to think that we’ve learned our lessons so that you won’t have to.

We take great pride in the work we do, and represent high quality properties to high quality tenants.  Simply put, we only find tenants for properties we’d be proud to live in.


Here’s some more personal information about us.


A project manager with substantial real estate rental experience, and properties in Fort McMurray, Edmonton, and Calgary, Nelda is an authority on investment properties and has developed the processes which CDC utilizes. The experience and processes have resulted in very successful tenant relationships, and ultimately produced great returns on her property investments.


In addition to a career in IT, and playing rhythm guitar in the band Backhand Echo Gil has built and renovated properties in Calgary and Victoria. He currently owns rental properties in both markets and looks forward to the opportunity of offering you the benefit of his experience.