7 Ways to Know You Are a Happy Tenant

shutterstock_229015495happy tenant

As a renter, do you realise that at $1800 per month, you are paying $21,600 a year’s worth of salary into your landlord’s business?

If you were paying that same amount of money for any other service – wouldn’t you want the business to ensure you were reasonably happy? Landlords have expectations of tenants, tenants should also have expectations of landlords.

Smart landlords know to put effort into keeping their good tenants/clients and in today’s landlord market; even not so smart landlords will have to figure out how to keep their good renters happy.

How do you know you’re happy?

1. Appreciation
A welcome package or gift card goes a long way towards making you feel valued in your new home, even a $20 gift is a nice gesture of appreciation. How about a birthday card or a holiday gift? Each gesture makes a positive deposit into how you feel about your home and your landlord. Have you as a tenant ever received a gift from your landlord?

2. A place to park
Does your landlord have a designated place for you to park? If someone is parked in your spot, is it dealt with promptly? Parking issues can rankle the best, and having someone in authority enforce parking can ensure you feel calm and relaxed driving home to park in your paid for spot.

3. Peace and Quiet
Whether it’s noisy neighbors or a chronic maintenance issue – you are entitled to your quiet and privacy. By law, landlords are required to provide 24 hours notice to tenants except in case of an emergency (fire, flood, gas leak etc), and there are noise bylaws residential areas are required to follow. If you have issues with partying – once you let your landlord know, it should be taken care of. Maintenance requests can usually be scheduled at times that are least disruptive.

4. Repairs
Although landlords are not usually happy about shelling out for repairs, they know there are costs involved in owning real estate and appreciate being able to fix something before it turns into a much bigger issue. A running toilet or leaky faucet can run up a significant water bill when left over several months or a year, and general upkeep helps the property look good for the tenants, neighbors and insurance companies.   A good landlord will repair issues promptly and will thank you, their careful tenant, for notifying them.

5. Feeling Safe
At the very least, you need to feel safe and secure in your home, and so should your family/friends when they come to visit. Locks on doors and windows and well lit entrances are a must, as well as well maintained furnaces, hot water tanks and appliances. Your tenant safety should always be your landlord’s priority.

6. Rental Incentives
Incentives typically pop up in ads during economic downturns (free cable, 1st month free with one year lease), however, good landlords know to work reward structures into their leases. Discounts to tenants who have paid a full year by the 1st of the month, or larger discounts for two and three year’s solid track records are incentives smart landlords use to keep their good tenants happy.

7. Politeness
It’s such a simple thing, yet it has such a huge impact. Simply being treated politely will make you feel valued as a tenant/client.

If you are a good tenant, you know it, and so should your landlord. Appreciation for your business and loyalty is a small price to pay for maintaining your happiness and his/her success.

Happy renting!